teé¿ and snppose that far off have just to fimrd against a cannier; – ‘aad««rhin far off turn ronnd fiad yoonw nnder the wheel of a:carriagr; from which:yon have scanny time to spare youiielf. The H liimtnationff offered no poUtical ailusioDS;. ‘ In my strolls tbroogh. the .roads 1 osnld see just a single in-scriptido, ” Fiva la PaceC* theamazon sunday delivery is fun more than sunday

transparencies expcaed all over represroted crates of blossoms, péárócks, and different fowls and unusual senes. A portion of the traitesmen lit up articles having a place with thw separate exchanges; a tnmk<-producer. iUaminated paper tnmka and band-bozes; a bootmaker, a .couple of bootg; a hairdresser displayed himself in the demonstration of sharing bis clients ; a tarero-ke^ier giving le-froshments to his organization, &c. Hence finished, the devour of the eolenno ingretto of their Imperial Majesties into Mjlan. To-morrow the Emperor is to hold a gpnn^leree, and in the ereniag there is to he an occasion at Cenrt. ; I ‘ …. ^, • ■ . ‘ :■ .SEFt.- ‘S.- Yesterday evfcning the wonderful road of tha Cono agaip turned into the point to which e» efy singular, local <w strauger,- flocksd yvho canid travel to another country; m a carriage, on horsebaric, dr by walking. Besid« its bona Sunday, which dependably brings its extra groups, the delig^^ peacefulness of the eveniiig and the expei^ appearana of «b> Emperor corabined-to render it as thtñtigiéd and vivified a;Scoie^ less the glorias of «be expo and ritual eOat of roe onifonns and .arms .the fighters, as that^hich it exlmted upon the arrival of the grave fntrary*-As on tbat ooca8M|k|iobonly every one of the overhangs aud windows of each h«^ bot_^ t^temporary gaUoies and lines of beniAes which a l^ 1^


standing, hardship filled, essentially with wgli-dresmd fenmirii The center of the avenues was OGCopted with an intenibiabie train of carriages, con-tnining behind that MUao 8t presnt encases inside its vráUs of the respectable, the well off, the nmarkable, and the great looking of bsth U was with soibéHifficalty now and again that the train of carriagesoonW win.its ivay.^iroagh the thick crowds of individuals all things considered and sexesti^ filled the space at each side ^weeu it aad the bouses, and gradually moved along like a full yet delicately streaming waterway. About half-past five o’clock the Emperor and Empress, twibjjthe Arohdnke, Viceroy, and Vice Queen, in a state caniagè drawn by six horse% and pursued by,the other; Arcfadn»B»^d Archduchesses and thè key faBctienarie% mlp fl^Ptele, nfx the Imperial family, ih sòme 10 oi Carriages, each firawn râ COD„..„ . , . . ]ors of the two incredible regional divisions of the Lombardo-Venetian Gavernment, those of Milan raising the rem-, &C. Every one of these delegations were passed on in somewhere around 200. carriages drawn each by two ponies. These vèhkiles were not ali of a reasonable portrayal to’figure in such a parade, which it, additionally, rendered for a full half-hour greatly moBoionous. Two grooms, – wearing variegàted attires, strolled by the entryways of every one of the carriages. Two outriders of the palaCe Came straightaway, and were pursued at ashort remove by the individuals from the honorability ” admitted to ihe henoure of the court,” strolling separately or two and two, as indicated by their tank and degrees of respectability, all wearing the badge of their particular stations, the equerries and chamberlains continuing sick a similar request; the private ceun-ciUors of the Lombardo. Venetian kingdom ; the Grand Chamberlain, the Grand Marshal of the Palace, and the Chief Major Bomo, in three state carriages, each drawn by six horses,’and encompassed by footmen, wearing tbe riclmst attires. – After these propelled the Archduke Viceroy.in a state mentor and six, gone to by his own Major Dorno.on horseback, and his hirelings shaping two.lines round the carriage. He was trailed by the Imperial envoys at-afins^ in fabulous costumé, with’Unusually substantial 6ere/s on their hrads, and conveying fights.fedex tracking no is not gonna work




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Production: London St James Chronicle And General Evening Post

Area: London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Issue Date: September 8, 1838

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London St James Chronicle And General Evening Post (Newspaper) – September 8, 1838, London, Middlesex preFABATIONB TOR TH» tiÒtoSÀTIGN OF THK «mpIror-of aottria^trancb into MILAN. • – W-ir ^ • – • ■ • (fbok A coamEarp»»?***) . . ■ MILAN, 8eft. 1.. Thto beine the day settled for the uileinn «ntiSBee of ibe Kmecror and KmpreaaPfAaatrla into Milan, thrir Majeetie» Ïïe óalace at Moiwa at nine o’dock toward the beginning of the day, and nt ten ari^ at the Panlion of LoretOj inside a mile of the dt<i. accompamed just by thdr otdinary suite. Two officera cf the œm’l dtìstrtmen^ aererai postmasten of the reighbonrhood, ac^rk rad the dirwtw of;t^^an pMt-office, pmeded on hoiefhaik the «coach o# their Majesties. The. «rand Eauerry wa» the main, officer going to the Emperor durine the drive from Monza to Loreto, and Uie Empress^ paused :dn”by her Grand Major Domo. At Loreto their Majesties were irodred,jOnaUghting from.thd^ carriage, by. the Archduke Viceroy,ihe two governors under his orde^ the Aiilic Conndllor of the Goremment of Milan, the Conncdlors of the Governments of MìIm and Venice, and the Adjoiant General of the realm, the;grand dignitaries of the Lombardo-Veaetian kingdom, and the Ladies of Honor appointtd to rvait on the Kmpre» . Their Majesties haring letired to the lofts prqiared for them in the Pavilion; the Viceroy and all the peisons abore-meationed left the lobby and enterdd their respetxire carriages. The parade then coinmeneed its walk, and when Its head had come to inside a specific separation of the city, their Majesties were mfiered ont of their loft by the Grand Major Domo and situated tfaetnselvés in the state carriage. The state of this carriage is antiqne, open on all tides, and secured with rold. The six sharpens by which it was drawn were most riraly caparisoned, and drove each by a grooio» The walk was opened by a sqnadron of the ” Hussars of the King of England,” gone before by itt band. A force of Grenadiers of the Guard pursued, additionally headed by its band, aiid, on coming to the pnrial of the chnrcl^ it continued to fall into fine with different troops, along the houses and building snrronnding the place, wbidl last remained totally free. Next came the officers of the family unit, goi’geoosly dressed; and afterward 12 horsm of the Imperial’stables, dovered with gold andvsUver uappkigK and drove each by two grooms of the palace^ habited in ^splendid attires Between each pony strolled an officer, bearing a white glossyusps transit times silk shroud, on which tbe Imperial arins were embla-toued.indid^ent hues. A nnmber of eqnenies and lackies, came quickly a while later. ‘ .r«; ‘ The following in progression were tiie hónldo^-arms of thè towns and urban areas of the Lombardo-Venetian kingdom; riding tivoand two in the in sequential order arrange; of the names of the spots they spoke to. With the’ exc^tiott of those of Milan and Venice, who closed^ the march.’

« Bach-of ttése envoys faltered a kind of staff in his faand,’di^^ore a mantle enusps transit timesriched with the arms of the town or ci^y fp^hkh he bdanged, Grooms of the majestic family unit lira tSe’hdrsesdn which they were mounted. ■’ , . . , . After the envoys at-arms came the députations, of. tbe colleges of Padua and Pavia, of the foundations of fine.artsof Milan and Venice, of the Institute of Scieiìcé^ Belles Lettms, and Arts, the appointees of the commonplace gatherings; the commonplace delegups sunday is fun more than sundayate^ inarching two by two, accOrdirig to the artifact or status of the urban communities they replanted, thoss-of Venice and Brescia being the last ; the representatives of the focal with no refinement Of rank; tbe committee hailing ftonns i»n the carriage way ; ^wheels skim alongside as meager turiM and as |ittch velocity ae.on a rail; yoi| just hear tbe ntdae af tiie’lieraes*